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This New Website May 2005 section is now out of date as of June 2007.
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New Website May 2005

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Added the What's New Page on Sunday July 24th, 2005
This what's new page will keep you up to date on the recent changes and additions to our web site and news about us.


See the left side for a month by month look of Mark's different poses.

bulletYou gotta see the May 27th, 2005 video of him, is great.
bulletAdded the four generations link late June 2005.


Images Directory Link
Another option for viewing pictures of Mark is to use the images directory link.  This options bypasses the preview page and you can save images from that month directly to your hard drive to view later and you do not have to be connected to the internet if you save them to your hard drive.
Notes about this option:

bulletDirectories are broken down by month.  The directory named "03-2005-March" is for March 2005.  The 03 at the beginning is to make sure the directories are listed in order and is NOT the day of the month.
bulletThe file names in each of the directories is in mmddyyyy format with military time at the end.  This is the date and time the picture was taken.  Example: the file named "03012005at1652.JPG" was taken on March 1st, 2005 at 1652 (4:52pm).
bulletA smaller preview picture has "small" in the file name just before the extension part of the file name.


Looking for archived information, click here to see how this web site started in December 2004 until April 2005.


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