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Mark in March 2007

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Pictures of Mark below taken on March 17th at California Adventure and Disneyland.


Mommy took this picture of Mark sliding down long slide while Daddy and some friends went on river ride.


Mark on play surfboard hanging 10.


Daddy bouncing on same surfboard while holding Mark's arm.


Playing with fire hose.


Same fire hose from different angle.


Steering the play fireboat that we are on (starting with the surfboard pictures on this page).


Back to playing with the fire hose.




Mark is eying some candy that Raelyn (who is about 4 years old) has.


She is sharing with Mark.


Awe, isn't that cute.


A statue of Mickey Mouse and Mark in stroller after a long day.




Playing at Disney history museum.


He still has energy to run around some well past his bed time.


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