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Mark in June 2005

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See Video links of Mark at the bottom of this page.

Early June 2005 (around the 10th & 11th) with both Grandmothers

Grammy above and Nana below.


Videos of Mark in June 2005:

bullet Mom is holding our new kitten Mocha on June 4th for Mark to see, 22 seconds. (5.6MB)
bulletJune 10th, Nana is holding Mark so he can play with his feet, 21 seconds. (5.1MB)
bulletDad and son are having bonding time on June 11th, 41 seconds. (10.6MB)
bulletOn June 15th, Mark is in his walker and Toby is getting in the way, 13 seconds. (3.3MB)
bulletJune 16th has a quick video of Mark in his walker, 5 seconds. (1.4MB)
bulletAnother one on June 16th is a much longer video of him in his walker, 55 seconds. (13.8MB)
bulletOn June 18th, mom is bringing Mocha close to Mark which makes him giggle, 10 seconds. (2.8MB)
bulletMom is quickly tickling him on June 21st, 3 seconds. (0.8MB)
bullet On June 29th in the morning mom is feeding him cereal for the first time. (10MB)
bullet Mark is getting fed cereal again on June 29th in the afternoon and mom is using a spoon that dad used when he was a baby. (11.8MB)
bullet Finished feeding and playing with the spoon, a little fussy. (2.9MB)
bullet Even more fussy right after the cereal on June 29th. (2.2MB)


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