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As of July 2007, this page is no longer updated.
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Mark's Milestones in 2005

Late February 2005 drove on a long road trip to Oklahoma to see Great Grandparents.

Tuesday May 3rd rolled over from his tummy to his back.

Tuesday June 14th began standing with assistance.

Middle part of June, began sitting up on his own.

Wednesday June 29th, began eating rice cereal, first food.

Saturday July 1st, rode on first plane ride to South Carolina.

Monday July 3rd, first boat ride.

Friday July 15th, first tooth poking through his bottom gum.

By late August / early September, had 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom).

The middle of November started clapping his hands on his own.

Monday December 12th, diagnosed with his first ear infection (in both ears).  This was easily cleared up with antibiotics in less than 2 weeks.


Mark's Milestones in 2006

Sunday January 1st took his first step.

By late January he is walking pretty good, about 10 to 12 steps in a row without holding on to something or somebody.

Saturday March 18th, Nana taught him how to eat with a spoon.  She put applesauce on a spoon, gave to spoon to Mark, & he put it in his mouth.

Sunday March 19th, Mom and Dad helped him eat more applesauce with a spoon where he was feeding himself (after we filled up the spoon 1st).

Saturday March 25th, he got up from a sitting position without holding on to something.

By late June he had all his teeth in.

On Friday November 17th had tubes put in his ears.  He was still having off & on ear infections so hopefully this will clear the infections and he won't have problems with his ears.

On Monday November 20th he had a piece of un-chewed food stuck in his nose.  Just after dinner, he was sniffing quite a bit.  We couldn't figure it out at first so Kelly went to help him blow his nose & check for boogies.  Turns out he had a whole kernel of corn stuck in his nose, pretty funny (He is doing fine and breathing easier now.)

On December 26th, when he turned two, he was able to jump from a standing position and get both feet off the floor.  He has been jumping for a while now, but not able to get both feet off the floor at the same time.  Also today, we taught him how to say he is 2 when somebody asks how old he is.


Mark's Milestones in 2007

Began potty training on President's day weekend in February.  Was not going well at first, but by the 3rd day (and after some prayers) Mark was doing very well.  By early March 2007, he did not have any more accidents during the day (not counting nap time or overnight).


As of July 2007, this page is no longer updated.
See our main home page at:
for the most recent updated information.